Pooja / Darshan Details

Maha Rudrabhishek (11 Shastri 11 Days) 57100.00

This is most extensive form of Rudrabhishek performed for seeking high order desires & wishes. It is believed to bless devotee with his desires & mannat of  child birth, family welfare, peace, prosperity etc.

In this type of Rudrabhishek the recital of ‘Ekadash Paath’ is done by 121 Brahmin’s for 11 times. In this pooja more time, material and effort is consumed so is performed rarely.

Special Note
  1. Devotees can purchase milk as per their requirement.
  2. Milk is available on Amul milk booth near prasad counter inside temple.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Shastri Donation for pooja is included in the cost.
  2. Please visit SKVT Helpdesk for assigning Shastri / Archak for pooja / darshan.
  3. One ticket is valid for One Family (Husband, Wife and Grand Parents & 2 Kids below 12 years).
    In any case, not more than 6 members will be permitted
  4. Pooja can be done every morning from 4:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  5. The given amount only includes a temple fee, in which the ritual process of the temple can be completed.
  6. During the worship, it is allowed to offer only milk up to 5 litres in the prescribed temple fee for Rudrabhishek.
  7. The devotees are advised to try to bring themselves worship material, otherwise pay the prescribed fee of worship material here.
  8. The devotee can give the donations to the priest.