Pooja / Darshan Details

Mahamrityunjaya Jap Puja (1 Days /32 Shastri) 100000.00

In our Vedic scriptures and Puranas Special mention has been made to chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to get rid of incurable diseases and avoid premature death. 
In Hinduism this mantra is called ELIXIR OF LIFE and Mahamoksha Mantra. 
It is believed that the person who pleases Shiva with the Mahamrityunjaya mantra wins over death. 
The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is located in the Rudra chapter of the Yajurveda. The seeker of Shiva neither fears death, nor disease or grief. 
The use of Mahamrityunjaya in the state of Saturn's transgressive transits in the conditions of Kaal Sarpadosh, Markesh and Baadhkesh planets in the devotional birth magazine to their mind is very fruitful.
Apart from this, thismantra has the ability to clear many doshas like Vishghati, Vishkanya, Gandmool and Naadi Dosh etc. and gives strength. Shiva Tattva is meditated upon as Mahamrityunjaya.

Special Note
  • For next day booking, please visit Temple Helpdesk situated at Bansfatak.
Terms and Conditions
  • Online tickets for Mahamrityunjaya Jap puja can only be booked atleast 3 days prior to the designated date.
  • Charges for puja thali, Shastri Dakshina, Havan Samagri & Shastri falahar (refreshments) are already included in the ticket price.
  • Courier charges (if any) are inclusive in the ticket.
  • A family consisting of 4 Adults, 2 kids is allowed to attend the puja.
  • Physical appearance of the devotee is not mandatory for performing the puja.