Pooja / Darshan Details

Haud Bharai (from Milk - 580 Ltr) 2250.00

It is a special pooja performed by donating an amount to the temple, equivalent to the cost of 580 litres of milk. This milk is used to fill up the Kund around the Shivlinga in the sanctum sanctorum. 
Special significance of the pooja is associated with ‘Mannat’ & Thanks giving.
Haud Bharai can be performed on special occasions as well as specified days.

Special Note
  1. Physical appearance of the devotee is not compulsory.
  2. The Brhamin / Shastri Dakshina is included in this.
  3. Arrangement of milk has to done itself.
  4. Milk can be taken at 50 Rs per litre.
  5. Pooja Material can be taken at 23200 Rs.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Shastri Donation for pooja is included in the cost.
  2. Please visit SKVT Helpdesk for assigning Shastri / Archak for pooja / darshan.